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    Painting on white board???

    Has anyone done this? I've seen it done, and I know it is possible, I've just never tried it. I want to make White boards (dry erase boards) for my nieces and nephews for Christmas. I want to get small boards, and paint a Christmas scene down one side, then have " ________'s Christmas Wish List" across the top. Then make a blank, numbered list down the "middle of it". Then each year, they can use a dry erase marker to write in their Christmas list.

    I am wondering if I should use special paint, because I want them to last and I don't want the paint to chip off the board. I'm worried because they are so slick, I'm thinking that the paint will come off easily. So I am wondering what I can use. The painted boards that I have seen, all look like they were done with permenant markers or paint pens, but I really want it to have a hand-painted look, so I can use shading and things like that.

    Anyone have any helpful ideas for me, before I spend a few hours to paint them, only to have the paint flake off? My other option is to paint small bulletin boards that they can just tack their lists too, but I would really like to try the dry erase first!

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    there are paints out there now that are specially formulated for plastics. haven't tried them but if you don't want to go the permanent marker or paint pen route, that would be my suggestion.


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