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Thread: Tie Clips?

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    Tie Clips?

    My fiance asked for a tie clip or tie bar for christmas this year, and I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, but since I've been out of work since the beginning of September, we are really struggling and all the tie accessories I've found are $35-$40, and honestly, I just don't have the money to spend on just one gift.

    I've searched for over 2 hours for a way to make a tie bar that still looks "professional" (he'll be wearing it to work) and I can only find information on DIY tie tacks, but they permanently damage the tie each time it's put on or taken off.

    I've tried to make a tie bar from bobby pins and other hair clips, but they look amature and innapropriate for him to wear to work - any ideas on how I can make them look more like tie bars and less like hair clips?


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    I've seen some tie clips made with alligator type clips. They're the kind used on those photo holders and mobiles. You can find those at the hardware store.

    Another option is to look at the thrift store or antique shop. I always see tie clips/bars/pins there, and usually for under $5.

    Here's a whole collection for under $15 (right now):

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    Ooooh, nice auction. Of course I have no use for tie clips, but I can still drool.

    Yeah, I'd go with what Smudgycat says. Thrifts will have them and you can often do things to them if you want.

    How about this: find a boring or maybe older tie bar that looks used, buff it up with 0000 steel wool or toothpaste. If it's still not that interesting, try a slick coat of enamel paint, or make a slip cover of fabric. Could decoupage or attach shrinky dink charms over any pesky initials.

    Cement a stone or pearl to one, either centered or at one end. Not too heavy though.

    You can add chains to some if they are missing or you find a way to fasten.

    Check out wigjig dot com or google them. I know they have tutorials on making twisted wire tie clasps. Probably the kind that have a loopy thing for the buttons underneath, and then wire work links that go over the tie.

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    Sounds like ful!

    Get some alligator clips. You can get these at radio shack or home store.
    they can be less than 50 cents a piece
    Then you want to do something cool?
    try shrinky-dink
    cut a long rectangle make a sophisticated pattern using different colors or just one (making sure it is compatable with the plastics )
    shrink it and stick it on the clip using jbweld or some sort of heavy bonding stuff.
    You could also add charms to it after beads or pieces you can get cheap at craft stores or dollar stores.
    but alligator clips are the best for this and work better than a lot of tie bars io got for my hubby

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    I think working with an existing clip is a good suggestion. Keep the mechanics and just fix the aesthetics.

    You might want to check out money clips too. Most will be too wide, and what looks fine in your pocket will look gaudy on your shirt, but the mechanics are similar enough that there may be some crossover potential.

    Another thing to consider would be a magnet. He'd need to be careful that he didn't pick up the random paper clip, but then you could have a bar type design or a tie tack look that wouldn't puncture his tie. (This is how our nametags work at my office)

    I think the big box hardware stores can cut sheet metal for you - they might even have some teeny scraps that would be free. Sand or file to give it kind of an abstract finish (and make sure it doesn't snag his tie). That works in my head anyway.

    Good luck!


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