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    what can i do with bottle caps? (the beer kind, not plastic)

    okay so the boy and i have formed the habit of throwing our beer bottle caps (or glass soda bottle caps i guess) into a bowl... we have about a billion. anyone know of any project ideas? they're mostly his so we're not really looking for jewelry (unless its really cool because i could swipe some haha)

    thank you!

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    ok so riveting bottlecaps on a cheap leather belt would be the most guy fashionable thing to do , but then if he uses bracelets then combing flattened bottlecaps linked with leather. but for home decor, make a split log table with a bottle cap top ( varnished) or maybe a ountertop. find resources on treating metal like tiles (for adhesive and grout)
    maybe a wall hanging , look it up on google images. I have seen some prety awesome images. but as for me, if i had bottlecaps.. i would drop small locket sized headshots in them of family and friends. and mount them on a hards surface only after i applied clear embossing powder over the image and heating them underneath to seal in the image.. making sure not to hold the heat source too close for too long because it will yellow. ( not that i have tried it at all or wished for my hubby to switch from cans to Bottles hehe)

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    i made magnets out of bottle caps.. i blogged about it here awhile ago...

    also i made fantastico earrings by flattening three bottlecaps (i used laughingskull cuz theyre awesome) and pierced tiny holes at the top and bottom of two, and a tiny hole at the top of one and linked them with jump-rings till i had a flat-bottlecap snowman sort of arrangement, then put a hook at the top. theyre very light but i love them. my friend made a bracelet with the same technique.

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    I think if you pierced a hole in them, you could string them up for all sorts of uses. Quasi-beaded curtains. Holiday garland for your tree or mantle?

    If they are mostly twist offs (so that they are still bottle cap shaped without being bent) you could make your own checkers set.

    Otherwise you can hammer them flat or fold them in half like little mouths to embellish just about anything.


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    I like the beaded curtain idea and also the garland idea.
    I actually have been saving beer bottle caps, too. It was once at a point where I was buying beer JUST because I liked the cap. That is silly.
    Anyway, I'm planning to use a mosaic kit I got and a plastic coffee can lid and make a beer-bottle-cap-mosaic trivet. It can be used as a coaster for future beers!

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    you could make photo frames by gluing them to the outside edges, also could do a cork board with the bottle caps on the outsides and black criss crossing ribbon on the inside to hold pictures, Another Idea that would be cool is making a beer bottle shirt, all you would have to do is glue pin backs on them and you could attach them to anything and if you got tired of that you could remove them and pin them on something else.


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