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    Baby Blanket Question

    I''m working on my first major knitting project (a baby blanket). I bought a pretty neutral deep sky blue color and found out that a girl is on her way! I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to make it a little more girl-y. Or if there are any kind of iron on appliqué type things for yarn (I''m betting no..but I''m a beginner).

    Anything would be appreciated!

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    You could always add a frilly pink border around the edges. I did this one time on a crocheted baby blanket.

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    how far into it are you? if you're not too far into it maybe you could start some pink or purple stripes?

    the thing that sucks about blue and baby girls is that people will inevitably say "oh what a cute little boy!" if there's anything blue anywhere *near* a baby. once when she was tiny, i dressed my daughter in a blue outfit with a picot trim, embroidered flowers and freaking barrette in her hair and people said that very thing.... their response? 'oh, well you dress her in blue, what do you expect me to think?"

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    I agree with Marcie that a filly pink crochet or knit border would make it feminine. You could also make soft velour or fleece appliques and sew them on, even with a little stuffing behind. I saw the cutest penguin appliques on a child's pullover.

    Do you know how to embroider blanket stitch? It's pretty simple, and makes a nice edging for appliques.

    I hope you do post a pic of your project.


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