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    crocheted skulls

    Maybe this has already been posted, but does anyone still have the crocheted skull pattern? I must have lost it in the move to my new place, and I really wanna make some. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    crochet skull

    Materials: yarn and crochet hook, plus some watered down glue.

    Note: The size of the stitch dictates the size of the teeth, which then dictates the size of the skull. Do a test to see how big your skull will need to be for the teeth to look good.

    Start at the top of the head and work your way down:
    1. Begin by making a round bowl shape (think of this as a little skull cap).
    2. When you get to the eyes, chain approx. 10 and attach approx. 4 stiches over. Do the same for the second eye. Continue around the bowl, attaching the eye chains as you go.
    3. At the edge of where you want the nose to be chain 6, attaching chain to where the far side of nose should go. Continue around bowl.
    4. To make upper teeth at the front, chain 2 or 3 and attach to base of chain. Slip stitch between teeth.
    5. Taper bowl in, and where you want the jawbone to go chain approx. 22 stitches. Attach end of chain where you want other side of jawbone. Slip stitch across jawbone, skipping a stitch to make an angle and do lower teeth same as upper teeth.
    6. Close off bottom of bowl to make a skulll shaped sphere.
    7. Sew a single piece of yarn in the nose cavity to separate nostrils
    8. Stuff the skull into shape and use a paint brush to coat it with watered down white glue (like Elmer's).
    9. Pull out stuffing when dry.

    Here's a pic:

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    YAY! Thank you!


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