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    Horse hair bracelet/key chain help

    Hi everyone--
    I'm looking for some guidance for a friend. Any direction would be helpful.

    Her hubby is an avid horseman, and last year they had to have his horse put to sleep.

    Before they delivered him to the rainbow bridge, by friend cut off some of the hair from his tail, with the hopes of making something (someday) for her hubby. She wanted to wait until enough time had past that he was somewhat recovered from the loss.

    So, she'd like to make a bracelet or key chain (or maybe even both or something else-- she's very open to suggestions) using the horse hair and maybe some masculine beads. It would be OK to include other materials as well.

    She doesn't really have any experience with this, and she's prepared to practice, buy a book, etc. but she really wants to make something herself.

    So I turn to my crafty friends to offer any suggestions, point me to links or recommend resources that I can relay to her.

    All suggestions are welcome!

    Thanks in advance... Jane.

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    How about a braided sailor bracelet? Or maybe a woven mat of some kind?

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    I may be able to help you here.

    Why not take some of the hair and braid it? I have made a few for my daughter but do not have it posted on my blog yet (I just glued the ends to clasp.)

    I did post how I braid yarn and other things on my blog here:

    I also have videos on how I did a flat braid and a round braid on that some post (you do not need to even buy the braiding disk just take cardboard and do it yourself.)

    Heck, if you buy horsehair bracelets at the store you'll look at over $100 more near $200! So, since my daughter wanted one I made it myself for next to nothing..

    Best of luck to you,

    Dora Renee' Wilkerson


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