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    Decorating Styles: where to look

    I'm moving soon and I have pretty much unlimited permission to do whatever I want. I'm looking for different styles of rooms but can't find any website.

    Does anyone know where to look so I can get some inspiration.

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    hmm, well, for inspiration, i guess you could always look at those design show sites, like trading spaces or something.

    good luck:)

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    You'll find more in magazines and in the home decoration section of bookstores than you'll find on the web. I highly recommend Australian Vogue Living and Dwell.

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    The "budget levels" are way off (hello, sanding and refinishing a floor does not constitute "low budget" in my mind) and the amount of time/effort for each project is best suited for a professional decorator, but the BBC's Homes Design Inspiration site has some interesting ideas that could be ramped down to a more reasonable level.
    (Sorry it's such a long freakin' link)


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