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    Hello, this is my intro....

    I didn''t see a place for new members so I picked this board since I''ll be here most. I have been a member here before but it was quite a few years ago and I can''t remember what name I was using. I didn''t get to stay long so I doubt any of you will remember me, so just pretend I''m new here!

    I live in the desert with six dogs, three cats. I enjoy embroidery and cross stitch, making jewelry, painting with oils and acrylics, small easy sewing projects, floral craft and anything that looks like fun and makes something ordinary into something pretty. I love glitter and glue and I believe that a can of Krylon gold spray paint can make anything better.

    I came back to Get Crafty because I had just bought some Crafty Chica art supplies and kits (paints, love shrine, charm bracelet kit, a book and the Inspiration Cards) and I remembered she was a member here.

    I haven''t looked at the photos yet but have any of you made the love shrine? I would really like to see photos of what others have done with it before I start mine. I could use some ideas to get mine rolling.

    Oh, I often make long posts. I hope this wil be okay with you all.
    Okay, that''s it for my intro. Questions?
    Oh and please- just call me Moon!

    Have a cool day!

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    hi moon!

    i''m new too, i just registered i came here from craftzine. the boards seem quite quiet, but i''m going have a browse about and see whats here

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    welcome and/or welcome back!

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    I'm new too and, yes, the boards do seem quiet. I was hoping for lots of activity - c'mon you crafters - share!! ;o)


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