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    Hardwood Flooring - FixIt!

    I have a second floor garage apartment that was built in the mid-late fifties. The place is falling apart, but there you go. I am slowly helping the cosmetic side, as the money to *really* fix the place just isn't there. So! Current problem... kitchen hardwood floors.

    I have wide plank wood flooring. I cannot sand the floors, as they are just far too thin after all of these years. They were sanded in the late eighties and almost didn't survive. Most of the flooring is decent - with wood putty and varnish I can make it nice and pretty again. Here is an example of the better floors :

    The kitchen/stairs floor used to be covered in linoleum, which means it's in LOUSY condition. Here are a few photos:

    My question: What are some ideas for some floor finishes for the kitchen? I can't afford tiling or linoleum, so I'm looking into paint options. Durability is important, stain coverage is important, and I probably want a defined separation between the kitchen/stairs floor and the rest of the aprtment flooring. Can't be too wacky because it's my grandmother's property and after I'm gone she'll want to rent it to another college student.

    Thanks guys!

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    Hi lorien,

    We just bought a house with floors worse than the ones you picture! We used some Murphy's Oil Soap to clean 'em up really good (you have to scrub kind of hard), and then we hit them with a low-gloss shellac, with just a hint of amber color. They aren't perfect, but they look MUCH MUCH better!

    We are opposed to the sanding idea too, because the house was built in 1914, and sanding would pretty much wreck the wood. But the Murphy's oil soap and shellac did a great job. Lots of sweat though. Yet, totally worth it.

    It's a reasonably inexpensive option, too.

    Good luck!

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    Second the Murphy's Oil Soap - nothing better.
    What about using a boat deck paint? You could go for that Westly at Martha's Vineyard look - very beach house by the sea. If you live near a harbor (or are swinging by one this summer) you could check out the marine exchange stores for cheap partially used gallons.


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