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    i need to find fabric!

    (i hope this is appropriate and not in the totally wrong forum? please tell me.)

    the good news: i just got a sewing machine and am really loving this site and getting some great ideas. i''ve been doing crewel embroidery for a few months, too. it''s becoming an addiction...

    the bad news: i don''t have a good fabric or yarn store within 100 miles of my house! and even if i travel, i can''t seem to find anything that isn''t calico or plaid. granted, i''m new to this, but still! so i''m hoping some of you will be able to direct me to good online fabric/yarn stores. nothing too fancy, of course--i just want unique, non-cutesy fabrics to mess around with--and embroidery yarns.

    thanks in advance! this is fun...

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    Do you have a thrift shop near you? Perhaps you can practice on reconstructing old clothing. Or make smaller things from larger items. You may even find the occasional sheet or table cloth. And they always have tons of curtains (great for pillow covers).
    Ordering fabric on line may be expensive, but I'm sure you can find a good deal on the thread.
    And don't forget to search Etsy for destashers. There you may not find very large pieces, but possibly interesting pieces of fabric.

    HTH. Good luck!

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    I agree with astrid. Thrifted clothing are good to practice with. Or old sheets, because if you mess up something, you aren't out much.
    Check out my artfire studio.


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