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    Need advice for creating skin care products

    I am interested in creating my own skin care products (soaps, lotions, simple make-up, etc) but I am concerned about trademark laws. I need to get the recipes somewhere (I don''t know how to make all of this on my own) but I''m worried about copying recipes and eventually breaking a law. Does anyone have any advice for this? I''m kind of anal and paranoid so I''ll probably register as a business. I am interested in selling at local craft fairs, farmers markets, etc. Is this even a legitimate concern? Thanks for all your advice!

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    I see body/skin care products as such:

    There is a basic recipe that everyone follows. Soap can only be made in so many ways, as can scrubs. You could follow the vegan path that seems to be popular now or you can do traditional fat-based soaps. There are a lot of places out there that are selling basic bases to which you can add your own essential oils and scents.
    I''ve been looking mainly into making facial scrubs- these follow a basic pattern of brown sugar and honey or scented sea salts. I would say, play around with the textures of these bases to come up with a texture you like and feels good to you. By doing this, you''re not following a strict recipe made by someone else. Plus, I highly doubt that these recipes have been copyrighted- I think, note that *think*, that these kind of products can''t be copyrighted because the materials are open to the public to recreate themselves.
    Here''s the link to the US Copyright Office:
    You can try to wade through all of their publications to get the answer you need.
    All it takes is a little bit of research!

    Good luck to you and your nice smelling enterprise!



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