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    Box of Rain Idea Craft.. Need a little help please.

    Hey, This is actually my first time on this site. I have sewn a few things like a kite for physics, and a blanket top with my grandma. I am an not an expert by all means. I just wanted to say hello before you read my idea..

    So I have had this idea for a little while but I do not know what material to use for it… Any ideas would be great for materials.

    This might sound dumb but I want to make a Box of Rain.

    My idea to do this is:

    I originally thought to use leather maybe (I have never done a craft like this before so I don’t know the materials out there to use.) and make 6 slabs out of the leather material (Top, Bottom, 4 Sides), the thickness is unknown. But I would want to be able to sew the leather in the corners to create a box shape. (If I cut the edges of the slabs to 45 degree angles, would it sew together and make a nice corner?)

    The rain, I would collect it from outside in a plastic bag (So it wouldn’t evaporate) with either a “press” or “slide” seal on the top. The bag has an extra cm or 2 after the seal, so I would flip the bag over and stick the top of the bag into a bottom corner of the box and I would sew the corner of the box and go right through the cm of the bag to keep it into place (cutting the excess plastic from the bottom off). This would hopefully keep the bag secure and I would figure out the size of the slabs to make so that when I lifted the top slab of the box, the bag would be close to being flush with the box sides.

    I chose leather because I want the box to look like not much at all, the point being not fancy at all. Older or aged is what I am looking for. The reason I want to make it is because of the Grateful Dead song Box of Rain. So I would want to somehow make a quote from the song in the top of the box (burn or carve it in, haven’t given this too much thought yet). The quote being: “A box of rain will ease the pain and love will see you through.”

    So do you guys think that leather would be a good choice? I want it to be somewhat sturdy but not stiff like wood. Maybe leather is too flimsy? Any advice would be great.. Also if you do not know the song then look up the lyrics which would help you figure out about how I want it to turn out.

    Thanks for any advice or help

    Also if there are any questions or if anything is not clear, I will comment again. i wrote this briefly so it is possible that it is hard to follow.

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