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    How do I sell on etsy, and do you think this would?

    About myself:

    Hi, I''m Nick. I am just starting a small business selling little critters that I make out of yarn, googly eyes, and seashells. Within the month I created a paypal and a bank account. I am only 14 years old and recently got set up with etsy. So far I posted only one of my products. It only got 11 views so far Sad , but if somebody actually does want to buy my craft, how will I know? Im new to etsy and I am not sure how exactly I would get money or what. Would they email me? My one product can be viewed here[]=titleDoes anybody think something like this would sell? My Mom said it looked cute and that I could sell it. If anybody has any suggestions on what I should change with looks or the price, please let me know. And if you think it is cute enough that, lets say... you might want to buy it, feel free to be my first customer. Thanks!

    Bye the way, I am not advertising, just a kid who wants to see if his creation is worth anything, thankyou for your time.

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    Hi Nick,
    To get visibility on a sales platform like Etsy you need to list more products regularly, let's say once a week. Newer listings always appear higher up in the search results of visitors.
    You picture is a bit blurry, you should work on that to keep your visitor's attention. And you can show 5 different shots of your item, so use that to show it from different angles, focus on a detail etc.
    When someone orders you get an email from Etsy and nine out of ten times the customer pays immediately through Paypal. If not you can contact the buyer through email to ask what's up.
    If you don't want to invest in more listings you could try Artfire. It's completely free.
    Whether someone might want to pay for what you make? It's hard to say, but it's a big world and there's always someone who likes what you do.

    HTH, good luck!

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    Thanks, I just updated it and put in a new photo, I hope it's a little more clearer, I might also be putting more items up like you said.


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