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    Cheap DIY Kate Spade Striped Heels!

    Picture at: Sisteroo: DIY Kate Spade Shoes

    True story: I was sitting at an event, twiddling my thumbs and thinking boring lawyer thoughts, when a pair of the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen sashayed by. I am not toying with you, reader--these were The. Most. Beautiful. Shoes. In. The. World.

    I promptly embarrassed myself by following said shoes around the event, drooling and dragging my knuckles on the floor, until I gussied up enough courage to ask said shoes' owner (whom I have never met) what planet her shoes dropped in from. And owner explained in hushed tones that THESE shoes were not ordinary extraterrestrial planet shoes, they were KATE SPADE shoes. I'm sure my face visibly fell. Because KATE SPADE shoes = waaaaaaay outside my *good girl* budget.

    I couldn't stop thinking about the shoes. They haunted me in my dreams, I stalked them on the internet. And one night, when I felt particularly daring, I asked my husband--no, begged my dear husband--if I could buy them. And husband (for the first time in our three months of newly-wedded bliss) said "no."**

    (**OK, so he didn't exactly say "no." I'm a big girl and can make my own purchase decisions, especially when it comes to shoes. He said, "Sweetheart, do you think it would be practical to spend thirty kabillion dollars on a new pair of designer heels when we just discussed saving for our future house and our unborn child's college education?" This was far worse than "no.")

    So. What's a girl to do? I decided to MAKE them, of course! I pulled out my semi-new pair of nude Mossimo "Pearce" pumps (Target, $29.99), grabbed some painter's tape, primer, oil paints and brushes, and set to work. Total cost: $6.50. Wearing my own version of Kate Spade heels: priceless.

    Tutorial picture at: Sisteroo: DIY Kate Spade Shoes

    1. Tape off heel completely.
    2. Prime heel lightly with a plastic primer or basic paint primer.
    3. Using a thin correction tape (I used Post-It single line correction tape), tape off horizontal stripes up the heel, leaving a very thin space between each strip of tape (this will be your "wood line").
    4. Paint the thin spaces between each correction strip dark brown/black. Let dry overnight.
    5. Play with some oil paints to find the ideal "rainbow" of colors for your shoes.
    6. Peel off the correction tape one strip at a time and paint each underlying space in a different shade. You may want to repeat your color scheme halfway up the heel. Touch up any errors with turpentine. Let dry for at least 3-5 days before wearing.

    Happy Kate Spade-ing!

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