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    new apartment - need ideas!

    I'm moving into a new apartment in SF next month, and need some decorating ideas! Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to paint (poo!) and *technically* I'm not supposed to alter the walls in any way (including nails, screws, etc). However, the girls who live there right now have plenty of framed art on the walls, so I think I'll be OK on that front. I spent the first part of the summer in South Asia and bought some great textiles and art (and I have a sewing machine), so I'd certainly like to use those things at my new place. Also, I have a metric crapload of wooden curtain rods and harware from Ikea. Aside from the obvious curtain-making factory I could potentially start, does anyone have any fund (and cheap!) ideas?


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    Have you considered hanging up any of the fabric on the walls, since you can't paint?

    Sounds great. I don't have much to offer other than that. Just have fun with it! And for your art, see if you can get the wall mounting adhesives rather than nails, just to avoid anything messy with the landlord/lady.

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    In my old apartment i wasn't allowed to paint either. I took roll after roll of pictures of the sky, clouds, sunsets, etc. I taped them to the wall until it completely covered one whole wall. It looked really cool and gave the room a peaceful outdoorsy feel to it.


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