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    Needlepoint horrors!

    Now that I'm about 75% done with my cross stitch giraffe, I discover that I used the wrong thread for one of the colors, switching "light old gold" with what should have been used as "dark old gold" - so things are darker than they should be. I'm really not interested in ripping the stitches out, I doubt I even could at this point. What can I do?

    Just making them both switch doesn't seem right, it's got gentle shadings that would end up looking ridiculous. But I doubt very much there's a DMC color for "darker old gold" out there.

    If you've got one of those cool thread charts like my mom has, here's the numbers for everything I've explained, in case you can recommend a color to substitute:

    676 - "light old gold"
    729 - "medium old gold"
    680 - "dark old gold" - which was used in the "light old gold" spots.

    Other gold/brown colors used:
    434, 801, 3371, 310, 745

    I can scan it if that would help :)

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    How big are the patches of gold, how many crosses in many of them?

    If they are mostly just one to three cross stitches this may not work.

    Select a golden BROWN, not light at all, but more of a tone that works with the colors you are using. In the center of each already stitched too light cross, stitch over the two stitches. A cross with a belt? See if this makes a difference when you've done a few patches.

    Still not enough contrast between the dark and light golds? Use a wheat or very pale gold to do the same with the darker gold near a patch of lighter gold. Again, stand back and check out the colors.

    The belt on the cross has to be dramatically opposite the cross color in intensity for this to work.

    And it may not work at all.


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