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Sunni Johnson (aka lecandypoprock)
Kate Kerr (aka saffronwoman)

Jessica Reed is a writer, artist, and bibliomaniac.
She spends her days working in publishing, her nights
working on her MLS, and her late nights passed out in
her Brooklyn apartment. She wishes she had more time.
Her column is Bookish

Susan Beal is a crafty writer, editor and jewelry designer
who divides her time between Portland and Los Angeles.
Her column is West Coast Crafty

Kathy Cano Murillo (Crafty Chica)is a nationally syndicated
craft columnist, artist, journalist and book author. See more of
her work at or email her at Kathy[at]

Camilla Stacey lives by the English seaside in Weston-super-Mare.
She is sometimes Made by Milla, other times a curator at here
shop and galleryin Bristol. She has just gone back to school to
study art all over again and is thoroughly enjoying herself. She likes
buttons, cups of tea and unravelling her knitting.

Christy Petterson who writes our How-to's, lives in Atlanta where
she writes, sews, works in PR, organizes crafty events, roadies for her
drummer-of-a-husband, eats the yummy food he cooks her,
drinks coffee, goes for walks and occassionally watches
dumb tv and sleeps.

Jo Mama is a crafty mother and writer living on the outskirts of
Chinatown in NYC.

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