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Crafty City Guides

Nationwide (and Europe) Guide to the Best Thrift Stores.

DIY in the Southland

DIY in Portland

DIY in Northern CA


Jo Mama: Tales of an East Village Mama

Ditettante Crafter

Write a book in 30 days


Be Your Own Barrista

Crafty Boot Camp


On Collecting

Bohemian Manifestos

Barefoot Contessa Goes to Paris

Inspired Books

Banned Book Week + More

Stylish Books

Crafty Chica

Prepping for Holiday Crafting

Day of the Dead

Living an Artful Life

Crafty Books We Love

2005 Craft Fair

Project UK
DIY Printing

Felting with Cat Hair

How to with CeeBee

Find the Perfect Fabric

Hip Trunk Show

Rework Your Wardrobe

Prepare for a Craft Fair

West Coast Crafty
by Susan Beal

Appearring on a Craft TV Show

Make an Mini-Shrine
Bring good luck or create a gift for the one you love!

DIY in the Southland

DIY in Portland

DIY in Northern CA

Nationwide Guide to Thriftstores, plus Europe.


The Perks of Being Unemployed
That's right! We said PERKS!

Living Large, Living Cheap
Budget Living for Post-Grads

Feminism and the New Domesticity!
Jean's Manifesto

Fashion Feng Shui
Qi and your wardrobe.

That's a Wrap!
Make a shawl for fall.

How to Throw a Kick-Ass Theme Party
Have a spare pirate costume in the basement? Set your weekend on fire with a well-planned soiree.

Craft-Q Quiz
Which craft is right for you?

Naked Lady Party
Host your own clothing swap.

Home Spa
Make your own herbal beauty treatments.

Knit a Bikini
You know you want to!

10 Reasons to Thrift
Second-hand shopping and you.