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10 Reasons to Thrift
why second-hand shopping rules

Green is good.
Every time you purchase something second-hand, you support multiple uses for that item. This means less trash at the landfill.

Shopping second-hand is good for the pocketbook. Even if you choose to shop at high-end consignment shops, you will pay less than if you bought it new.

The Cool Factor.
Clothing found at thrift stores is not often available in mass, meaning that if you wear vintage to a party or wedding, you can rest assure no one else will be sporting the same outfit as you.

Anyone can find a decent couch in a furniture store. But to find one at a local thrift store feels extra special and nice, especially when itís in the color that you wanted.

Lady Luck!
Thrifting is like gambling; you never know what you will find. The other day my husband found a $1200 Helmut Lang, butter-colored, silk suit at the Salvation Army for thirty dollars. He was high for two days. Was he looking for a butter-colored silk suit? No. Does he love this one? Yes. Will he wear it? Absolutely. He lets luck dictate his wardrobe.

Bragging Potential.
Nothing makes a story like the black Gucci shoes you found at The Goodwill for 20 bucks.

If youíre broke, shopping at thrift stores allows you to have more. I am a firm believer in the power of a great outfit and a decorated home to make you feel better. By shopping wisely at both thrift and consignment stores, you donít have to be wealthy to feel fabulous.

Less Stress.
Clothing at thrift stores is usually color coordinated and organized by shirts, pants and dresses, a very relaxing way to shop. Plus, there are fewer items in your size and even less that you like, which reduce temptation to over-consume.

Risky Business.
Because items at thrift stores are generally cheap, you can take risks on say, a chartreuse pants suit. If you get home and hate it, at least you only spent ten dollars.

Guilt-free shopping.
Most apparel sold in this country is made by underpaid women and children in third world countries. Thrift shopping allows us to circumvent this cycle. Instead of your money going to the Gap, it goes directly into the hands of a non-profit organization (charities) or a small business.

A Prada wardrobe on an Old Navy Budget.
You can buy designer clothing that you would never be able to afford by shopping for second-hand items at consignment shops or even on E-Bay!

Frivolous fun.
Thrifting can quite enjoyable. Going weekly, sorting through the piles is a soothing and relaxing activity, even if you donít find anything.

*Excerpted from get crafty: hip home ec.