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Cozy, Reversible Wrap
Double your style with two wraps in one!
By Deborah Merlo

Ok, now that I've truly come to terms that summer is really over & I can't wear just a t-shirt outside anymore, it's time to take a serious look at my wardrobe - especially outerwear!

It's such a challenge to dress for this weather! Some days it's warm, some days it's chilly... what to do, what to do? Well, I find layers are simply the best way to go. This cozy, little wrap works for me!

Only a few ingredients - 1 yard each, or so, of your favorite knit fabrics. Choose dif. colours & textures so each side will have a totally dif. look.
- thread, pins, scissors

Cut 2, 22"x42" rectangles out of each piece of fabric. Sew together pieces of the same fabric (along a 22" side) to create 22"X84" pieces.

With the good side in & the seam in the middle, pin the 2 pieces together & sew where shown leaving about 1' open.

Turn your wrap right-side-out through the 1' opening. Make sure corners are pointing out nicely. Iron edges along seam so they are nice & flat.

When you get to the part of the seam that was left open, fold edges inside to match the sewn seam & iron.


Run a stitch around all edges of the wrap (about 2cm, 3/4in from edge)

The finished piece: Pull out your vintage brooches which are burning hot this season or stick on a much loved, felt flower for the perfect fall look x 2!

Deborah is an illustrator & designer living in beautiful, Vancouver, B.C.
A self-confessed craft-a-holic, you can see more of her d.i.y. projects at: