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Make Your Own Bar Stool Covers

Do you have a habit of collecting scraps of fabric, with grand plans to transform them into something wonderful? If you'd love to put your personal touch to your d├ęcor but sewing isn't your strong point, then this quick and easy project could be for you - it's a fun and easy way to re-cover upholstered backless bar stools.

Work on one bar stool at a time. Once you've done the first one and mastered the technique it shouldn't take you long to cover the rest of your stools. You can use whatever fabric you like - now's your chance to use your imagination and unleash your creativity! However, it is sensible to choose a fairly heavy, durable fabric that can stand up to lots of use. You may choose to use matching fabric on each seat or make each stool unique by using a different color or pattern on each one.

If you can, unscrew the seat from the frame. This makes it easier to work on. If the seat isn't the type that's detachable, turn the stool upside down and work around the legs. Take off the old upholstery and cushioning by using a flathead screwdriver to pull out the staples.

Feel the cushioning and decide whether it's worth reusing. If it's worn out you can buy some new padding inexpensively from a craft store. Make a cardboard template by drawing round the top of the seat and cutting the shape out with scissors or a utility knife. Use the card template to cut the new padding to size.

Put the seat the right way up and position the padding on top. Place your new fabric over it. Make sure it's smooth and use a large rubber band to keep it in position. Turn the seat upside down and use a staple gun to fix the fabric all the way around the edge of the seat. As you do this, keep checking the fabric fits tightly, with no creases. Try to hold it tight with one hand whilst stapling with the other.

When you've secured the fabric all the way around, trim off the excess. For a tidier appearance you could cut a thick piece of cardboard to fit under the seat and use the staple gun to fix it over the edges of the fabric.

Once you've successfully re-covered your bar stool, stand it the right way up and treat the new covering with a protective fabric spray to reduce the risk of stains.

This DIY method is great for giving well-used bar stools a makeover or for transforming outdated stools purchased from a thrift store or yard sale.